I would love to have a designated wrapping station, like Cameron in Modern Family!

But alas I’ve had to resort to more functional solutions to help corral and store all the different types of greeting cards, wrapping paper, ribbons etc that I’ve accumulated over the years.

I’ve always had a designated cupboard space in my home, to hold a selection of greeting cards, tissue paper, ribbons, gift tags, wine sleeves and smaller gift bags (plus my holiday cards).



Inside my cards, wrapping paper, ribbons etc cupboard


Having this easily accessible space, takes the stress out of last minute birthdays, celebrations etc. I try and keep it stocked up with a variety of different cards to mark different occasions. Also, I can top up on cards, gift tags etc. when I see that they’re running low. So avoiding lots of greeting cards being stored in multiple locations and then having to buy more!

However, for the rolls of wrapping paper and larger gift bags, I keep those stored in 2 plastic storage containers. One contains everyday ‘celebration’ gift wrapping and the other is solely for Christmas.



Wham 55 LTR Chrystal boxes


I invested, a few years ago, in these Wham 55 LTR Chrystal boxes. I purchased them in Homebase. You can purchase them at lots of retailers, in store and online, and they are priced from around £12:00.




The Wham storage boxes are long enough to hold standard lengths of wrapping paper


I store these in the spare wardrobe, so that they are easy to get to. They’re narrow enough to fit under a standard bed and or wardrobe. But as they’re waterproof they can be stored in the garage, loft and or shed.

How do you store your holiday and or seasonal wrapping paper?