To-do lists! Or what I like to call ‘Actions’.

Love them or hate them, using one is the best way to get organised and stay organised.

Getting tasks out of your brain and onto a screen or down in writing can be life-changing. You’re no longer worrying about remembering and can start focusing on checking off the items on the list.

I use 2 systems to keep my business and personal lives organised

1) My iPhone to book my appointments; client sessions; invoice reminders; book in specific task days eg. admin & content creation days; my exercise routine and of course to block out days off and holidays!

Top Tip: I colour block each different action – so that it makes it easier to differentiate between business and personal etc.

Also, you can use the iPhone Reminder tool to list your actions and set up timely reminders to help you stay on top of your To-Do Lists.

If you like using apps – then there are lots of options to choose from:

Trello, DropBox, ToDoist, Asana etc are all great tools to keep you on track. They each have their own unique layout but if you work better with having a centralised option with lots of additional add ons – then one of these apps will certainly help keep you on track!



2) I use my notepad to write content ideas; take notes from client consultations (easier to be GDPR compliant – as the notes are shredded); notes from training sessions etc.

Top Tip: If you’re easily overwhelmed, I recommend starting small and only note down the 3 most pressing actions you need to do in a day.

Nothing beats the feeling of ticking off your Actions once they’ve been completed!

If you need assistance in getting your life organised, please contact me for a confidential chat on 07533330115.