Lazy Susan Turntables come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. They are such a fantastic storage tool and their versatility holds no bounds! They can be used for storing a plethora of items in and around your home.

My favourite turntable is this one from mDesign (Model Number: 0321MDOEU).


mDesign Spinning Turntable, Amazon UK, £16:00


What I love about this specific rotating Lazy Susan, is that it has 5 separate compartments, so you can categorise each type of product by type and use.

It is transparent, so you can clearly see what is being stored.

Plus, the practical feature, of high sides, prevent the items from tumbling out, when you rotate it.

I use my mDesign Spinning Turntable to not only corral my food items, in the fridge and pantry but also my skincare products.

My newest addition, houses my hair styling products. I organise each compartment into hairsprays, dry shampoos, root touch ups, pre hair drying products to post hair styling products!





My Life Tip: 

Measure before you buy! Measure the Lazy Susan Turntable to make sure it will fit your space. As they do come in various sizes. The dimensions of this mDesign Spinning Turntable is 29.2 cm diameter x 11.4 cm.


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